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Frequently Automatically Logged Out -- Without Notice

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  • Frequently Automatically Logged Out -- Without Notice

    There seems to be a session timeout that logs me off. I haven't timed how long it is, but I can say this much: It is short enough to where it is very annoying. I can be in the middle of composing a post or opening a new topic and I'll suddenly be faced with error messages or the post I'm composing simply vanishes. When I scroll up to the top of the page I see that I have been logged out.

    At least the forum software did save most of the post I was creating and it gave me the option to restore it from the point of the last Auto-Save of the previous session.

    Do we really need to have the session timeout set for such a short period? I actually have to think a little bit sometimes when I'm composing a new post or a reply. Can you manage to give this old man a bit more time?
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    The session time out was set for 15 minutes. I just upped that to 30 minutes.
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