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Low Quality 27-5L going back to dealer

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    Originally posted by Travel N Trade View Post

    Yes, they will be replacing the wiper seal with a wider one that will lay flat as it should. I'm thinking whoever was working on that line grabbed the wrong box of wiper seals meant for a different model. They will also be realigning the main slide as it was one tooth off and also resealing the wardrobe slide. Another issue I didn't mention was the awning wasn't rolling up properly and had severe wrinkles on the ends. My dealer will be replacing that as well. He's also going to undercoat the frame at no cost to me when I mention how rusty it looked for a brand new unit.
    Mine has also been noisy, It had wrinkles on the ends and jerked going out and back in.
    It seemed like the front shock was the problem, hanging up. I polished the rod with steel
    wool and sprayed it with dry lube and that helped a lot.

    But, having said that, I just replaced the awning fabric and was totally surprised on how
    smooth and quiet it is now.

    When the factory installed the awning they put screws in both ends of the awning at the
    channel that is mounted to the side of the trailer AND on the roller tube. That may have put the
    fabric in a bind causing the issues I was having.

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