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Recent purchase of 2002 Nash 27F-details, details

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  • Recent purchase of 2002 Nash 27F-details, details

    My thanks to all of you and Northwood for answering my many new owner questions. I have covered a lot of territory and just have some trivial issues left.
    My o my does the AC put out a lot of water. It appears my gutters are not operating as designed and I need to put on new directional spouts to keep water from running down the sides of the RV. Is there a best brand or design and best 'glue' to attach them so that all operates as designed?

    On down the road do people just take the RVs to a shop and have a new roof put on or do most use the self leveling rubber products on the market and add a layer of new rubber to the roofs? Prefered brands etc

    Same for redundant sealing, non self leveling gunk in a caulk gun the way to go?

    I am going to need front storage compartment seals and fiberglass rock guard replacement and awning replacement. Do these have to be purchased through a dealer? (None near me)
    thanks again for all of the help getting me going