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2002 Nash 27F slide seals and is there or was there ever a 'lock' for these units

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  • 2002 Nash 27F slide seals and is there or was there ever a 'lock' for these units

    My slide makes noises when going out and am told they all do. I look at the seals and they are not necessarily aligned with some segments rolled over upon itself. I have now lined them up so that they point outward when the slide is out as that is the orientation of the rubber in the other RVs slides that i see in my current RV park. does anyone lubricate the side of the slide or under the seal to keep these from folding over on themselves?
    also everyone knows how lousy all the northwood manuals are and my unit did not come with a manual. i see periodic reference to some aluminum rod that locks the slide but i don't find anything like that anywhere. is it necessary to have some sort of manual mechanical device in place in addition to the brake mechanism on the slide motor?-pointing outward? any treatment for rubber top to make it slide easier?
    update i can see this is a prior topic and have ordered conditioned and wax for the sides. what about the top-what orientation should that seal have

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    NW uses some really thick slide seals. They don't easily flip. I've tried cleaning
    and waxing and dry lube,etc. Nothing works more than once. I've noticed on
    other brands that the seals are thinner and more flexible.
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      Our AF used to really sequel when extending & retracting the main slide.

      We have been keeping the thick side and top seals pliable with this seal cleaner / treatment, and the exterior side of the slides, where the rubber travels over well waxed.

      This combination has reduced the squealing by 95%.

      Regarding the rubber seal orientation, don't worry if they flip over, stay the same direction or flip half & half..... no matter what direction, the rubber still seals out outside water, air and dirt.

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        I just received via Amazon the two products Dave shows plus a dry lube for the working parts as recommended. I cleaned off the two sides and washed down the rubber seals yesterday. Used all three products and I am sure the large slide out is much quieter. Can still here the rubber seals as they turn while side is moving in and out, but we expect some of that. However the DW doesn't think so. But I'm right, she's mistaken! :-)

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