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Considering Fox Mountain 235RLS

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  • Considering Fox Mountain 235RLS

    First post here. We've tent camped for a long time in Forest Service/national forest campgrounds. Our experience shows that there are some campsites where the 235 would never fit but there are others where it could easily be accommodated. I'd like to know others' experience with getting into Forest Service campsites with the 235RLS or with other trailers where the length of the RV plus the tow vehicle is about 44 feet (the 235 is almost 28 feet but the "effective length" is, say, four feet shorter making a 24' trailer and a 20' tow vehicle = 44 feet). Thank you.

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    It just depends on the FS camp ground. We just had a very pleasant four days at on cg in FL. We have a 30ft length Travel Trailer and the pads would have accommodated longer RV's. But on the other hand there are FS camps around Chiricahua National Monument in SE AZ which only have room for much smaller units and was water/electric. In general I think FS sites are old and not being updated. But I saw a note that said they planing to spend almost a billion dollars on upgrading their camps. So maybe that will change.
    I have been told that The USFS traditionally got almost no money for campground maintenance since their prime mission has been cutting down trees. How correct that is I do not know.

    NPS camps are just as variable and many are old and small. Chircahua has a max length of 25 ft I believe. Few have any hookups and they regard their mission as preserving the parks and can be actively anti campground.

    As a rule most NPS cg are very difficult to reserve.

    So the point of all this is that you need to use Campground Reviews to check out the sites you are interested in. And shows the acceptable length for each site.
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      We tow a 27-5. Not all rigs fit in all sites. But we've managed to fit ours in lots of them than looked too small. You are spot on with your OAL being just about the same as a 20' TT. But remember while you need to park on the pad, most places will allow you to overhang onto the grass. That gives you about 8 more feet from the rear bumper to the back tire. Our biggest problem hasn't been with length, but overhanging branches because we are so tall. Don't tell, but a pole saw solves that problem most of the time.
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        The FM 235 is actually 29 feet 6 inches when count the bumper and spare tire on back. It is lower than the AF 27-5L which could come in handy at times. It's about 11'9 " as I recall rather than the 13' 3" with the 27-5L, but to back into spaces with low hanging limbs, I have the DW get on the roof with a limb saw and her cell phone and I back in carefully, stopping for her to saw and remove limbs as needed. She's a good sport about it! :-) Now, if you believe that you're very gullible!! :-) The 2022 FM 235 we just sold was a good RV, but we were used to the 27-5L we had in the past which has more room and ease to move around in. Something I value now being considered by society as old! :-(
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          Thanks to all, folks. I guess that's all somewhat encouraging.


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            We have a 26N which is 29' 6" tongue to spare. We camp in a lot of FS campgrounds and usually can find a good space that works. In most FS we frequent, I would say our length of trailer and truck rules out about 1/2 of the sites at least. We find the limiting factor is often the small, narrow roads that make it more difficult to swing when backing in a TT. With a 5th wheel the maneuverability should be better.
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              Will, that was very helpful. Thank you very much.